My publications can be found below with links to the articles when available:

““Make a letter like a monument”: Remnants of Modernist Literary Institutions in Ireland,” Modernist Afterlives in Irish Literature and Culture, Ed. Paige Reynolds (Anthem Press) (Forthcoming 2015)

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“Writing the Irish Post: The Postal Imagination of Lady Gregory, Thomas Clarke, and Rabindranath Tagore,” English Literature in Transition 58:2 (2015): 220-40.

Rural Ireland

“Painting Print: Reading in the Irish Cabin,” Rural Ireland: The Inside Story, Ed. Vera Kreilkamp. Chestnut Hill: McMullen Museum Of Art, 2012: 73-9.


“Ciaran Carson’s Books: A Bibliographic Mapping of Belfast.” Eire-Ireland 40.1-2 (2010) 111-27.